University of California, Riverside

Eaton Science Fiction Conference

Thursday, April 11, 2013

10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Session 8: Science Fiction Fan Cultures and Feminist Critique

Media Love or Media Justice? Toward a Genealogy of Critical Fandom
Alexis Lothian, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
FemShep, Feminism and Fandom: Mass Effect and the Rowdy Social Justice Blogosphere
Amanda Phillips, University of California, Santa Barbara
Living Contradictions: Divisions and Divisiveness in Science Fiction Feminisms
Roxanne Samer, University of Southern California

Session 9: Men, Women, and 2312

Et in 2312 Ego: Utopia, Hybridity, Species, and Gender
Joan Gordon, Nassau Community College
A Byronic Medley of Characters in Kim Stanley Robinson's 2312
Adam Frisch, Briar Cliff University
Iron John in Outer Space: The Men's Movement and Kim Stanley Robinson's 2312
Lisa Yaszek, Georgia Tech

Session 10: Global Imaginaries in Science Fiction Media

The Metallocentric Other of the Japanese Fantastic: Cyborgpunk Politics in Japan's First Wave of Cyberpunk Film
Emily Connelly, Portland State University
A Reality Deferred: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and the Importation of a Japanese Technological Imaginary
Paul Cheng, University of California, Riverside
Tracking the Sovereign: Biopolitical Representation in Peter Watkins's Punishment Park and Gareth Edwards's Monsters
Simon Lee, University of California, Riverside


Session 11: Superhero Controversies in Comics and Television

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Mecca?!?: Superheroes in a Religious World: Reflection on a Controversy that Never Was
Toby Braden Johnson, University of California, Riverside
"The battle-scarred, the insane, the ones you can't control": Disability, Difference and Allegations of Misogyny in Stephen Moffat's Doctor Who
Kimberley McMahon-Coleman, University of Wollongong
"On a More Meaningful Scale": The Disappearance of (Anti)Utopianism from Watchmen
Graham J. Murphy, Seneca College

session 12: Artificial People and Marginal Bodies

Artificial People in The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)
Despina Kakoudaki, American University
The (Manufactured) Human in New Wave and Feminist Science Fiction
Jennifer Kavetsky, University of California, Riverside

session: 13 Panel on Bowl of Heaven

Moderator: Rob Latham, University of California, Riverside
Gregory Benford, award-winning science fiction author and astrophysicist
Larry Niven, award-winning science fiction author

session 14: Rethinking Gender

(N)ovum: The Uterine Replicator in Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan Series
Regina Yung Lee, University of California, Riverside
"Forget morality. Imagine it's true": Unsettling Identity and Negotiating Alliances in SF TV drama
Katie Moylan, University of Leicester
Reading Between the Lines: Gender, Knowledge and Power in the manuscripts of Dune
Josh Pearson, University of California, Riverside


Lunch: from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.


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