University of California, Riverside

Eaton Science Fiction Conference

Saturday, April 13, 2013

4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Session 64: Jules Verne in Film, Board Games, and Advertising

From novelist to salesman: Jules Verne in commercial advertisements
Jean-Michel Margot, Independent Scholar
There are no Chicken Dinosaurs on The Mysterious Island. Or, Why the Film Adaptations of Jules Verne's Novel are Terrible
Terry Harpold, University of Florida

Session 65: Video Games

The Dead Space Megatext: Mediation, World-Building and Play in a Survival-Horror Video Game
Doug Davis, Gordon College
Abandon Narrative All Ye Who Enter Here: Towards the Theory of Science-Fiction Videogames
Pawel Frelik, Marie Curie-Sklodowska University

Session 66: Alterity and/in Science Fiction Music

"Leave Your Face at the Door": The Construction of Queer Afrofuturist Temporalities and Abstracted Embodiment in THEESatisfaction's awE naturalE
Ann Garascia, University of California, Riverside
Alien Sounds: Music, Noise, and Alterity in SF Film
Richard Hunt, University of California, Riverside
Friends, Fighters and Sex Toys: Commodifying Marginal Bodies in Gamer and Dollhouse
Valérie Savard, University of Alberta

Session 67: Celebrating James Gunn:  Writer, Scholar, Teacher

Moderator:  Nathaniel Williams, University of California, Davis
James Gunn will be present at this session
James Gunn and the Foundations of Academic Science Fiction Scholarship
Michael Page, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
James Gunn: The Man Who Taught Everyone Science Fiction
Christopher McKitterick, University of Kansas

Session 68: Masculinity and the Family in Science Fiction Film

The Running Man vs. The Hunger Games: Two Visions on the American Future of Television
Rowan Lozada-Aguilera, Universidad Católica Andrés Bello
Retrofitting Rage: Rick Deckard and the Problem of Hyper-Masculinity in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner
Joseph Dargue, University of Cincinnati
Invasion from Within: Fifties Take-over Films and the Nuclear Family
Susan George, University of California, Merced

Session 69: IATSE Local 800 – the Art Directors Guild - Presents

Moderator: Howard Hendrix

Life Imitates Art – (Or why did the first Motorola flip phone look like a Star Trek Communicator?)
Cate Bangs
Alex Hajdu
Andrew Leung
Geoff Mandel

Session 70: Science Fiction and Social Media

Elizabeth Aamot, San Bernardino Valley College
Teaching Machines/War Machines: Science Fiction, Media Theory, and the Virtual Humans of ICT
Dan Leopard, Saint Mary's College
Broken Spines, Swivel-Waists, and Centaur-Women: Ironic Subjectivity and Cyborg Writing in the tumblr "Eschergirls"
Stina Attebery, University of California, Riverside


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